David Moliner's music has been described as "a reevolution of the deepest musical dynamism of human existence". The extreme importance of the Corporal Pathos, as well as the constant search for psychic, sexual, emotional and sensory expressiveness creates a new musical concept in which all human senses, emotions and feelings are subordinated to all musical parameters.

Percussion works are the basis of his artistic conception and from it derives the basis of his music; string quartets and piano the basis of his emotional thinking, wind instruments the basis of mental psychosis and the orchestra the compendium where emotions become sensations as feelings.

Futhermore, all musical instruments have a ultraworld where blooms all pathos in a "corporal music theater" such as masquerades and other musical forms.

Stage music theater

Mental Crash! Maskerade on Lina in 7 scenes


3 female solo voices (1: soprano lirico leggero di coloratura, 2: soprano drammatico, 3: mezzosoprano drammatico)
8 masks (8 soprano lírico voices)
Ensemble (4 Fl., 1 Tpt., 1 Hrn., 1 Perc., 1 Pno., 1 Vln., 1 Vla., 1 Vc., 1 Cb.)

Orchestral works

Estructura II, "Psyché sur le grenat"

3-3-3-3 4-3-2-1 3-1- (Harp) - (Strings)

Comissioned by: Deutsche Symphonie-Orchester Berlin  (2017)
Premiered in Spain by: Orquesta Sinfónica de Castellón, Henrie Adams

Estructura III, "Das Gelb der Venus!"

2-2-2-2 2-2-1-1 2-1- (Harp) - (Strings)

Comissioned by: IVC-Valencia (2020)

Figuratio I. Mein Logos!

2-2-2-2  3-2-1-1 2-1- (Percussion solo) - (Strings)

Comissioned by: SGAE-AEOS
JONDE, (Youth Spanish National Orchestra) (2019-2020)

Ensemble works

Estructura I, "Eros sur le bleu"

1 Fl. 1 Cl. 1 Perc. Vl.1 Vl.2. Vla. Vc.

Comissioned by: Mostra Sonora de Sueca 2016
Ensemble de la Haute École de Musique de Genève (Switzerland) / Ensemble XX/XXI JORCAM-Madrid, Michele Spotti, Jordi Francés

Estructura IV, "De un Cupido Aturquesado..."

1 Fl. 1 Cl. 1 Perc. Vl.1 Vl.2. Vla. Vc.

Comissioned by: IVC-Castellón
First performance: Plural Ensemble, Fabián Panisello

Chamber music works

IV Impromptus

Cl. Ob. Piano

1.- Thema und Extenso (piano solo)
2.- Over the Tango! (clarinet, oboe & piano)
3.- "...la belle air qui pense..." (clarinet, oboe & piano)
4.- "THAT'S NOT THEATER" (clarinet solo*)

Comissioned by: Dávalos-Fletcher Foundation (2014)

* this is a music theater piece

Trio "Der Klang der Erde"

Bassoon, Violoncello, Percussion

Comissioned by: Lorelei Dowling (Klangforum Wien), Chrichan Larson (Ensemble Intercontemporain), Christian Dierstein (Ensemble Recherche) (2015)

String quartets

Eindringlicher Satz (Streichquartett III)

Premiere: Barenboim Said Akademie / Pierre Boulez Saal, David Moliner's portrait 
- Shai Nakash (violin), Samir Obaido (violin), Özüm Şemis (viola), Idil Pulat (violoncello)

Solo pieces

Fantasie um das Klavier

for piano

2012, revised 2020
Premiere: Barenboim Said Akademie / Pierre Boulez Saal, David Moliner's portrait
Angela Boutros (piano)


for solo flute

Comissioned by: Klangzeitort Berlin Festival (2017)

IV Solos for percussion


I.- Écho perpétuel d'un F pure... (for solo vibraphone)
II.- Écho fluctuant d'un D sensuel... (for solo marimba)
III.- Points du pénétration d'un t]k] (for solo corporal body percussion)
IV.- Flux orgasmique du désir... (for solo snare drum)*

*Comissioned by Festival Percute Catarroja (Valencia)

Corporal music theater works

Was koordiniert ist, ist nicht koordiniert

Music theater duo for saxophone and flute

Comissioned by: Dávalos-Fletcher Fundation (2015)
Premiere: Barenboim Said Akademie / Pierre Boulez Saal, David Moliner's portrait
- Carlos Tena (saxophone), Mutlu  Işdar (flute)


Égloga, "Klang des Todes!"

Tenor saxophone, piano and electronics

Comissioned by:  II EURSAX- Porto [Portugal] (2017)

II Actum für Saxophonquartett

Saxophone quartet

1.- In Memoriam. "Ich will frei sein..."
2.- Rituel "also... warum ziehts du um?"

Comissioned by:  Musik-Akademie Basel-Bibliotek
Klexos (2017)
Ensems Festival (2019)

III Nocturnus for solo piano

I.- Disquiet
II.- Der Schmerz
III.- Humide...


Carlos Sanchis Aguirre (piano)