percussion solo

Rebonds A / Iannis Xenakis (setup) (1987-)
Rebonds B / Iannis Xenakis (setup) (1987-)
I com el cant del rossinyol... / Josep Soler (vibraphone) (1987)
Cálculo Secreto / Jose Manuel López López (vibraphone) (1993)
Vibra-Elufa / Karlheinz Stockhausen (vibraphone) (2003)
Solo I (petit orgasme sur le F) / David Moliner (vibraphone) (2015)

Recorded in: Sala de Cámara “M. Babiloni” del Auditori i Palau de Congressos de Castelló - July 2019 - Marc Torner Làzaro.

Percussion Solo

"Percussion Solo" is a recital where David offers a wide range of sonorities of the avant-garde music of the 20th and 21st centuries, in which the percussion instruments have all the protagonism.

A recital to show and demonstrate the versatility that can be achieved with percussive sounds: plates, patches, body percussion, ... An original and heterogeneous concert, where sound is the main actor.

Percussion Mono-machine

A monologue of sounds where David uses his body as a percussion instrument. A concert of corporal percussion combined with new methodologies and helped by small percussion sets. Works of: F.Sarhan, P.Berardinelli, C.Kahlua, C.Stasi, D.Moliner.

The instrumentalist concentrates skill, technique, naturalness and spontaneity. A concert suitable for all kinds of stages, where the musician becomes an actor, combining dramaturgy, musicality and improvisation.

Telefunken bt-30207

"Telefunken bt-30207" is a music-theater show that unites theater performance, physical theater, body percussion and percussion instrumentation. A dramaturgy created by improvisations, music-theater works and contemporary pieces (I. Xenakis, J. Torres, F. Sarhan, J.M. López, ...).

A suitcase on stage during a contemporary percussion recital will trigger an unusual interaction. The main theme of the show will be the dialogue between the protagonist and a strange technological device that evolves during the work, going from being a simple radio to having artificial intelligence. The work that runs through the dilemma between technology and human beings, to rethink the connection with everyday emotions: pleasure, sadness, pettiness, ambition, passion or melancholy.

"Telefunken bt-30207" is ideal to introduce contemporary music to new audiences. A show with the desire to expand the idea of ​​the musician as being expressive.


"GLUP" is a music-theater show where the percussionists are the actors of the work. A duo performance that tells the story of two friends who are reunited after a long time, from the joy of the appointment to the reproaches of the past. A discussion that will end in front of a bottle.

A dramaturgy created by works of music-theater and improvisations with the aim of developing the idea of the musician as an expressive being. David and Enric take advantage of any element as a percussion instrument, from everyday objects to their own bodies, to explain the frustrated reunion of two old friends.